We believe that children learn by exploring and experiencing, by asking and discussing, and by reflecting upon and revisiting their experiences. This growth and learning process takes place with the support of caring adults and peers and within the context of a rich and interconnected system of child, family, and community. We base our beliefs about learning upon our own experiences as educators and upon development and learning theorists such as Piaget, Vygotsky, Dewey, Bronfenbrenner and Malaguzzi.


Our mission is to serve the community by offering a preschool experience for children and adults that celebrates diversity, creativity and kindness. These values are embedded within a rich, child-centered curriculum that provides individuals and groups with opportunities to investigate and to express themselves through meaningful play –where play is not separate from learning. We embrace the important value that children have great potential and desire to explore, construct and learn. 


Families as Partners in Education

We view our preschool families as partners in education and families play an integral role in many aspects of our school community. Parent participation in the education process is central to Palisades Preschool’s philosophy of early childhood education and, accordingly, is expected of all families. There are numerous opportunities to serve on a variety of committees, from facility maintenance and improvement to fundraising and event planning.